Campaign & Common Medals From WWI


For the collector, medals from the First World War are often the most common starting point. This is for a number of reasons which include: the fact that most people are moved by the sheer size of the sacrifice, the medals are fairly cheap and easy to come by, also that they are named making the association between the soldier and the collector a bit more real.

Medals and Decorations

Some of the men named on the memorial are shown to have been awarded medals including, the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the Military Medal. Descriptions of the awards and the criteria for being conferred are listed below. Most of these men would been awarded campaign medals for their service, these are not shown on the commissions record and will be researched from other sources.

 The WWI Trio.

 Distinguished Conduct Medal.

 Military Medal.

 Silver Wound Badge

 South Africa Campaign Medals

 Death Plaque

 Territorial Force War Medal

 USA Victory Medal




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