Peace Medals

Peace medals were struck by many organisations and boroughs at the conclusion of the Great War. Below are two examples. One is fairly easily recognised as being a peace medal, the other took a little longer to realise what it was.


Peace Medal 1:

Dimensions: 34mm diameter, 2.5 mm thick.

Material: Soft metal with bronze finish.


The obverse depicts a kneeling soldier handing a sword to a child who is seated next to an angle. The angel is holding a dove and the child has an olive branch. In the sky the sun is breaking out from clouds. Below the scene is the word Peace in a small banner.

The whole scene contains all the classic peace symbols, the dove, olive branch and the sun emerging from the clouds indicating a change for the better.

The reverse bears laurels crossed with a banner. The words Little Thurrock are on the banner, below this is the county crest of three lions representing the county of Essex.

Peace Medal 2:

Dimensions: 25mm diameter, 0.6mm thick.

Material: Stamped brass

Description: the medal is single sided, inasmuch that the fine detail of the medal is on one side only. The medal depicts an elephants head in part within a circle, holding a crooked cross between the tip of the trunk and the mouth. The eye can be seen, with the tusks making the link with the boundary circle.

The crooked cross is bent to the left denoting peace, as opposed to the Nazi variant which is bent to the right. This detail caused the initial confusion as to the purpose of the medal.

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