Tadley Memorial

St Paul's Church, The Green, Tadley.

The Tadley memorial is sited in the grounds of St Paul's church Tadley. This is its third location, previously it was sited at the bottom of Tadley Hill and in the grounds of the Tadley Memorial Hall not far from where it is now. Like many other towns and villages Tadley's memorial was erected during the 1920s the cost being met by voluntary public subscription. The memorial was made by a local builder, George Naish from Pamber Heath and upkeep was carried out by the Tadley & District branch of the British Legion. The memorial garden of the original site still remains and is just behind the bus stop by Hicks Close. Prior to stone cross being commissioned a wooden cross was erected in the grounds of Tadley Primary School. The picture below shows it in its current location where it has been since 1967. The top of the memorial can just be seen in the main picture to the left of the lamp post.

Latest News

There are plans to re-site the Tadley memorial. At present a working group is being set up to manage this project, it includes members from the town council and the local British Legion.

At present the first objectives are to carry out some restoration work to the memorial, some of the lettering requires attention.



The following picture shows a close up of the names in more detail.


A roll of honour is located in another Tadley church, St Peter's. The roll is in the form of a brass plaque, there are also plaques to of the names from the memorial. These are J.Greenup and D.Lynden-Bell .

In the past the British Legion organised remembrance marches on Armistice Sunday from the Fox & Hounds public house, which was their meeting place, to the memorial for a remembrance service. In later years the start point moved to another local public house, The Fighting Cocks. The marches still continue to the present day.

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