Regimental/Unit Information

Unit of interest

1 st Bn The Hampshire Regiment
VIII Corps
4 th Division (Regular Army)
11 th Brigade


Pte L Stacey

1st Bn., Hampshire Regiment
who died on
Friday 29 March 1918 .


The 4th division was a regular division stationed at Woolwich, Shornecliffe, Dover and Colchester prior to the outbreak of the war. The 1st Bn. Hampshire Regiment was part of III Corps which consisted of the 4th & 6th divisions. The 1st Hampshire being in the 4th Division, 11th Brigade. It arrived in France in August 1914. Served in France and Flanders until the Armistice.

The 1st Battalion had moved from Aldershot to Colchester which transferred them from the 2nd Division to the 4th Division. On August 17 the Special Reserve was at its coastal duties, the Territorials were also mobilized and were taking over there stations. This relieved the 4th Division from its temporary role as spearhead of the Home Defence Force duties. The 4th Division could now follow the rest of the B.E.F. Overseas On the 21st-22nd of August the 1st Bn loaded on to thier ships at Southampton the right wing on the Braemar Castle, the left wing along with the Rifle Brigade on the Cestrian, and headed for Havre France. When the 1st Bn. Arrived the B.E.F. Was already in contact with the Germans at Mons. The 1st Hampshire detrained at Le Cateau.

Battle of Le Cateau. 26 Aug 1914.
Affair of Nery. 1 Sep 1914.
Battle of the Marne. 7-10 Sep 1914, including the passage of the Petit Morin and the passage of the Marne.
Battle of the Aisne. 12-15 Sep 1914, including the capture of the Aisne Heights including the Chemin des Dames.
Battle of Messines. 12 Oct-2 Nov 1914.
Battle of Armentieres. 13 Oct-2 Nov 1914, including the capture of Metern.
Battle of St. Julien. 24 Apr-5 May 1915.
Battle of Frezenberg. 8-13 May 1915.
Battle of Bellewaarde. 24-25 May 1915.
Battle of Albert. 1-13 Jul 1916, including the capture of Montauban, Mametz, Fricourt, Contalmaison and La Boisselle.
Battle of Le Transloy. 1-18 Oct 1916, including the capture of Eaucourt l'Abbaye, Le Sars and the attacks on Butte de Warlencourt.
First Battle of the Scarpe. 9-14 Apr 1917, including the capture Monchy le Preux and the Wancourt Ridge.
Third Battle of the Scarpe. 3-4 May 1917, including the capture of Fresnoy.
Battle of Polygon Wood. 26 Sep-3 Oct 1917.
Battle of Broodside. 4 Oct 1917.
Battle of Poelcappelle. 9 Oct 1917.
First Battle of Passchendaele. 12 Oct 1917.
First Battle of Arras. 28 Mar 1918.
Battle of Hazebrouck. 12-15 Apr, including the defence of the Hinges Ridge and the Nieppe Forest.
Battle of Bethune. 18 Apr 1918, including the second defence of Givenchy Pacaut Wood.
Advance in Flanders. 18 Aug-6 Sep 1918.
Battle of the Scarpe. 26-30 Aug 1918, including the capture of Monchy le Preux.
Battle of Drocourt-Queant. 2-3 Sep 1918.
Battle of the Canal du Nord. 27 Sep-1 Oct 1918, including the capture of Bourlon Wood.
Battle of the Selle. 17-25 Oct 1918.
Battle of Valenciennes. 1-2 Nov 1918, including the capture of Mont Houy.


The date of death and unit indicate the possible action as being the German Spring offensive known as the Michael Offensive. See reference above in blue to the First Battle of Arras 28 March 1918.

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