Captain TE Painton-Jones

Was born in Tadley on 18 th March 1877. Moved at sometime to Welshpool, enlisted into the 49 th Imperial Yeomanry (Montgomeryshires) on 4 th January 1900 at the age of 22. His trade at this time being a tailor.

He served with the 49 th in South Africa in the Boer War from April 1900 to May 1902. Being discharged on the 26 th April 1902 in Johannesberg his rank upon discharge being serjeant. It seems he may have remained in South Africa until the war started.

During his time serving in the Boer War he wrote a number of letters to a friend in Montgomeryshire, these were published in the local newspapers.

For his service in the Boer War he was awarded two campaign medals, these are the Queen's South Africa Medal and the King's South Africa Medal.
Queen's South Africa Medal, 3 clasps - Cape Colony, Transvaal & Wittebergen
King's South Africa Medal, 2 clasps (the normal number awarded) - South Africa 1901 & South Africa 1902.
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He rejoined the army during the Great War, enlisting in the 6 th London Regiment. At the time his address was Hill Brow, Hildenborough, Kent, where he lived with his wife.

Cpt Painton-Jones was killed in action on the 15 th September 1916 at High Wood on the Somme. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial.

The High Wood action known as the Battle of Flers-Courcelette is significant as the first time tanks were brought into action.
This action was one of the many actions which made up the Somme campaign. Although known to many for the memorable first day of action, the Somme campaign lasted from 1st July 1916 to 19 th November 1916.

Cpt Painton-Jones dropped the use of "Painton" as part of his surname for the Great War and his papers are altered accordingly. His campaign medals from the Boer War are inscribed Painton-Jones whilst the British War Medal and Victory Medal from the Great War are inscribed Jones.

Information kindly provided by Bryan Higgins, thanks Bryan 

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