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HMS Malaya


Cook's Mate
H.M.S. "Malaya.", Royal Navy
who died on
Wednesday 31st May 1916. Age 24.


HMS Malaya was build by Armstrong Ship Builders, and Launched 18th March 1915. She took part in the Battle of Jutland and sustained eight hits, and took eight weeks for repairs.. During World War Two, she was in the Mediterranean during 1940 and took part in operations against the Italian Fleet. She was also involved in Convoy escort duties of the west African Coast. During these operation she was torpedoed by U-106 on the 20th March 1941. and her repairs were carried out in the USA. from July 1941 to the summer of 1943, she was involved again in Convoy protection on the UK to Malta and Cape Town. to UK, routes. She was scrapped at Faslane in Scotland on the 12th April 1948.

Compliment 1,124 to 1300 approx. Armament 8 15-inch Guns and 12 6-inch guns and 8 4-inch A.A Guns 16 2-pdr AA Guns and 1 aircraft. Speed 24 knots, Displacement 31,100 tons.

Sister ships: Queen Elizabeth, Valiant, Warspite, Barham
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Although listed as cook's mate, it is very likely that Giles had either damage control or fire brigade duties to perform when the ship was in action. During the battle, Malaya and the three other superdreadnoughts of Beatty's squadron engaged directly with 12 German dreadnoughts. In the 45 minute engagement Malaya was hit 8 times. It is probable that Giles was killed at this time.

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